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How much does a windscreen replacement cost ?

It really depends on the type of car you need the replacement on. Usually we classify windscreen replacement cost into three main categories as it follows:

  • Standard – between £100-£1000
  • Premium – between £1000-£10000
  • Classics – between £300-£5000

The standard type includes your every day car ranging from a little Vauxhall Corsa all the way up to Range Rovers and Porsche. In the premium bracket we have the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley or a Rolls Royce. The classics include Jaguar E-type, Triumph Stag and all the motors manufactured between 1930-1980 and might require custom cut glass and rubbers/chromes.

Are you doing van glass conversions ?

We supply and fit glass for any vehicle any make any model. Get in touch with us if you would like to convert your normal panel van into a minibus or a custom caravan. Our friendly team will walk you through all your options when it comes to van glass conversions. We offer various tints on all our glass focused on your needs.

What is a car windscreen replacement?

A car windscreen replacement is the process of removing the damaged or cracked windshield from a vehicle and installing a new one in its place. This is typically done when the damage is extensive, beyond repair, or poses a safety risk to the driver and passengers.

When should I consider replacing my car windscreen?

You should consider replacing your car windscreen when the damage is larger than a quarter or if there are multiple cracks or chips that obstruct your vision. Additionally, if the structural integrity of the windshield is compromised, replacement is necessary to ensure passenger safety.

Can I drive my car with a cracked windscreen?

Driving with a cracked windscreen is not recommended, especially if the crack impairs your vision or if it’s located in the driver’s line of sight. A damaged windscreen may compromise your safety during an accident, and you might also risk getting pulled over and fined by law enforcement.

Is windscreen repair always possible, or will it need to be replaced?

Not all windscreen damage can be repaired. Small chips and minor cracks can often be fixed using specialized techniques. However, extensive cracks, damage in the driver’s line of sight, or damage that affects the windshield’s structural integrity usually require a replacement.

How long does a windscreen replacement take?

The time required for a windscreen replacement can vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model, as well as the expertise of the technician. Generally, it takes about 1 to 2 hours for the replacement process. However, it may take longer if there are additional complications.

Can I drive my car immediately after a windscreen replacement?

In most cases, it is recommended to wait for at least one hour after the windscreen replacement before driving your car. This allows the adhesive used to bond the new windscreen to cure properly. Follow the technician’s advice for specific waiting times, as they may vary based on the adhesive used.

Will my car insurance cover windscreen replacement or repair?

Many comprehensive car insurance policies cover windscreen replacement or repair, but it depends on your specific insurance coverage and policy terms. Review your insurance policy or contact your provider to confirm whether windscreen repairs or replacements are covered and if any deductibles apply.

Can a repaired windscreen be as strong as a new one?

A properly repaired windscreen can restore its structural integrity and strength, but it will never be as strong as a new one. Repairs are meant to prevent further spreading of the damage and to restore visibility, but they may leave minor cosmetic blemishes.

How can I prevent windscreen damage?

To minimise the risk of windscreen damage, follow these tips:

  • Avoid following large trucks or vehicles too closely to reduce the chance of rocks or debris hitting your windscreen.
  • Park your car in a sheltered area to protect it from falling objects or extreme weather conditions.
  • Regularly inspect your windscreen for chips or cracks and get them repaired promptly to prevent further damage.

Remember that windscreen replacement and repair are critical for your safety while driving. If you notice any damage to your car’s windscreen, consult a professional technician to determine whether it requires repair or replacement.